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NoHype Audio:

Overview and background:

Welcome to my website. I'm Jean-Pol Gerard, known to most as "JP". I own and run NoHype Audio. I've been asked to add a few words on NHA (short for NoHype Audio). After trying my luck at semi-pro guitar playing in the mid 90's, I discovered sound engineering. Following a full time course at the SAE London College in 1997 I decided that I wanted to work in the wonderful world of Pro Audio. I started building a small recording studio while sending applications to various commercial studios and ended up running my own studio full time for several years. NoHype Studio opened its doors in 2001 and at that point I was already tech savvy and had developped a passion for microphones. NoHype Audio was born, as an extension of the studio. Around 2003 I discovered ADK Microphones, a small US based microphone company with interesting products, and told them I could improve some of their designs, mostly off the shelf Chinese designs at the time. A collaboration started and I was their lead design engineer until the early 2020's (when marketing ideas took over engineering decisions), finally putting an end to the relathionship in April 2023. In the early 2000's I also started working in Export sales with E and E Exports, a Califonia based company, handling sales for ProCo, Galaxy Audio, Rolls Corporation (including Bellari), Studio Technologies, Stedman, Trailer Trash, BigBends and E-Pad. E and E Exports sadly closed its doors in January 2016. Through that period I slowly shifted focus to my own brand, adding new ribbon microphones over time. After years of servicing vintage microphones and working on new designs, I now focus on microphone design and sales under the NoHype Audio brand and plan on doing it for years to come. I still work with other microphone manufacturers, finding and promoting microphone manufacturers with a honest approach, a passion for their product and a healthy business model is my priority and surely the reason so many engineers and musicians give me their trust when it comes to chosing microphones for their toolbox (or collection). I still find time to try various design ideas as you can see in the development of the NoHype Audio LRM Series of ribbon mics. Somewhere along the line I also started working (2012) with Sweden based TK Audio and they've been a solid parter. I added the excellent Line Audio product line (from Sweden too) to our catalog around that time. Then Triton Audio products were a natural addition since the Fethead is the ideal partner to our ribbon microphones. When Soundelux USA was resurrected the line was added to our line card but the brand stopped operating shortly after. Back to NHA products, keeping in touch with customers has been invaluable in providing products that fit their needs. I don't record sound or music much anymore and ask for Beta testers help when possible instead after the prptotype phase. The NoHype Studio still exists physically but is not an active recording studio anymore. Today, after a few collaborations, NHA is back to a one-man operation, yielding fast and efficient service.

The customer comes first.

When you shop online, you want a great shopping experience - as well as the best product you can get for your needs. I fully understand the concept, being myself an online shopper. At NHA, it all boils down to you, the customer. I want each customer to be happy with his/her purchase, and if there's no purchase but just a need for information, that's fine too. I am known for directing customers to products I don't carry sometimes and I don't see anything wrong with that. Sometimes I simply can't serve a customer, but I might know who could... I also want my customers to feel comfortable when buying a piece of gear, whether it's a very affordable headphone splitter or an investment grade mastering compressor. This means that customers can try products, and return them. I'm also happy to discuss how to squeeze the full potential of a given unit. Basically, if I wouldn't use it I won't sell it. This makes sure that my customer gets a quality, suitable product.

No sound? No problem!

DOA products are basically unheard of at NHA. Each unit is tested prior to shipping - I rarely ship a unit that hasn't been tested by me, unless the order is extremely urgent and I know that the product is 100% reliable out of the box, as some of my suppliers now burn-in units for several hours before shipping. Yet sometimes, things can happen, like technical issues happening during warranty coverage etc but these are never a problem. I can offer servicing on most items here in Belgium reducing the risk of having to send a unit back to the manufacturer in the USA, for instance. I obviously can help servicing units that are over 2 years old (typical period for full warranty coverage) as I am used to repairing used eqipment sometimes several decades old. My suppliers are also very good with out of warranty servicing. For new products under warranty, a straight exchange is sometimes the best solution. Please check the warranty terms on each product page for more details.

Product range:

The various models sold by NHA have all been used in my studio and have been tested and approved by a selection of sound professionals. Instead of selling "flavour of the month" type of products, I prefer to focus on interesting and useful, quality products, typically of European or US origin. I have to personally like and find the product useful, or I will not sell it. I respect my customers and they give me their trust - in return I do my best to give them what I consider to be the best "boutique" range of products for a wide range of recording applications.

Product availability:

Working with mostly small manufacturers, typically "boutique" pro audio companies, can have drawbacks. Sometimes production issues pop up. This can lead to delays, sometimes waiting lists and such. I do my best to stock all the products listed. If something is not in stock, it's clearly shown. But usually what you see online is on a shelf, ready to be shipped. If a given unit is listed as "IN STOCK" then it can be shipped the next day, or maybe the same day.

Doing business vs. saving the environment:

I insist on using recycled packing material whenever possible. However making sure that my customers have no issues with their parcels means using new boxes every time. That said, I do use recycled, recycle-able packing material and print all invoices on recycled paper. It won't save the world from pollution but at least it's a step in the right direction.

Do not hesitate to contact me:

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